Kiwi Games Now Offers Live Games

New exciting live games are now being offered at Kiwi Casino. The highlight of the live casino games are real people dealing in the tables via a live video feed. With this new feature, the casino players were given the to play and enjoy the popular casino games they play plus having a chance to see and chat with Kiwi Casino's friendly dealers.

The popular games with live interactive feed are roulette, sic bo, blackjack and baccarat. The bets are done the same way bets are done in the standard way of online betting but they can now chat see and chat with the dealers.

Kiwi casino is part of a land based casino and it is considered a feat and very important to Kiwi casino management that they put back the human element to online live casino gaming.

With the launch of live and interactive games at Kiwi casino, they now offer 10 blackjack tables that casino players can choose from, and each blackjack table has friendly dealers the casino gamers can chat with. In addition, it has a multi support window that window players can enjoy three interactive tables simultaneously. A combination of standard and live games are also available for casino players to play and enjoy.

The all new exciting features available at Kiwi casino's standard games like the real time games and the multi window support are also available in the live and interactive games along with the new and more exciting features. The private chat of the dealer and the player with the other multi window support players are available to many as of three dealers simultaneously.

The players can further enhance the gaming experience by maximizing the screen of the dealer. In addition, the quality of the video streaming is can be adjusted to the internet's connection speed of the player.

The launch of the interactive and live games increases the number of casino games on the Kiwi casino of eighty games. This is in line with the goal of Kiwi casino to release more exciting casino games this 2006. Last month, progressive blackjack was launched while the all new tequila poker is next on the release schedule.

Kiwi casino is can be found at the online site and it is a member of Kiwi Gaming family. An independent operation which is part of Christchurch Casinos Group. The relationship between a land based gaming industry, Christchurch Casinos and the gaming experience for five years of Kiwi online casino had made the tandem to be the leading and premier casino.

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